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Who We Are

Change is a constant in K-12 education and seemingly positive with the advancement in education technology and rise in per student spend in the past decade. Yet the achievement gap grows wider, and we continue to trail behind other nations. Raising state standards is a step in the right direction but how do we accelerate learning to help all students achieve mastery of the skills and standards?

We at Triumph Learning believe that productive struggle is at the heart of learning. Productive struggle is about allowing students to explore a task that is beyond their reach with the appropriate support. Students who are experiencing true productive struggle gain confidence by working in a safe, positive environment that fosters motivation for success and accelerates achievement.

To this end, our CTO Aoife Dempsey and her team have worked closely with school districts to develop Waggle, a smart practice solution that supports productive struggle with in-the-moment feedback, scaffolded instruction, and personalized pathways. We carefully selected the best partners to build a seamless, blended learning solution with our trusted Coach content as the foundation. To provide students with the most personalized experience, we partnered with Knewton, the leader in adaptive learning with almost four billion student recommendations served. We chose Smashing Ideas for their deep expertise in designing engaging games and Clever for single sign-on to save teachers valuable time.

Furthermore, while continuing to create new Coach content, we invested in a content management system that can customize to each state’s standards. Last summer, Triumph Learning won a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant for literacy, and that’s when we knew Waggle would be something big.

There is so much to share with you about Waggle that I can't do it justice in this letter. So I invite you to learn more about how Waggle together with Coach is the blended learning solution to help your students build confidence and accelerate learning. Get the Waggle Student and Teacher experience with our online demo today.

Thank you.

Rick Noble

CEO of Triumph Learning