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Comprehension Strategies Kit Grades 1-5+

Available exclusively from Triumph Learning, CSK is the ultimate classroom-friendly kit that fits perfectly into your curriculum. Use this flexible program for just 20-25 minutes a day to increase understanding of the six key comprehension strategies necessary to boost student achievement: monitor and clarify, make connections, visualize, ask questions, infer and predict, and summarize.

Fully researched-based. Access our White Paper and Research Report.

  • CSK Fiction
  • CSK Nonfiction
  • each strategy using compelling visuals

  • with interactive students cards

  • learning using engaging, leveled texts

Dr. Linda Gambrell

Linda Gambrell PhotoDr. Linda Gambrell, Co-Author of Comprehension Strategies Kit "Comprehension strategy instruction is about teaching students how to construct meaning from text. The goal is to engage students in critical thinking that leads to higher-level comprehension. The strategies used in Comprehension Strategies Kit encourage both active participation and sustained effort during the reading process."

Dr. Robert Wortman

Robert Wortman PhotoDr. Robert Wortman, Co-Author of Comprehension Strategies Kit
"CSK provides numerous opportunities for helping children learn how to apply these core comprehension strategies — monitoring comprehension, making connections to background knowledge, visualizing, asking questions, generating inferences and predictions, and summarizing — skillfully and automatically in new situations."