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True personalization with Knewton to meet students where they are and promote productive struggle.

  • Analyzes many facets of student behavior and performance to tailor learning paths
  • Creates a safe, positive atmosphere for students to explore tasks beyond their reach
  • Rewards students with "feet traveled" for their effort and proficiency
Productive struggle
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In-the-moment and scaffolded instruction to advance learning in every practice item with formative assessment

  • Includes 11 technology-enhanced item types such as drag-and-drop and sorting
  • Offers up to 5 hints in each item that students can access
  • Provides on average 12 different pieces of feedback in each item
Student Demo
Student Demo

"The personalized pathways in Waggle help our students get the individualized support that they need to accelerate their learning."
Dr. Philip Lanoue, 2015 National Superintendent of the Year, Clarke County, Georgia

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Intuitive and insightful reporting to inform instruction and save time

  • Provides snapshot data in real time to pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses
  • Focuses on three key metrics to inform instruction: proficiency, grit, and pacing levels
  • Integrates with MAPĀ® from NWEA to view MAP scores, correlate MAP to Waggle proficiency levels, and find recommended Coach instructional content

A seamless, blended learning solution with Coach curriculum.

  • Fits perfectly with Coach print resources for instruction, intervention, practice, and assessment
  • Offers interactive, online summative assessments from Coach curriculum with Waggle Assess
  • Provides online, differentiated instructional tool set for teachers with Coach tests, quizzes, practice items, and instruction with Waggle Instruct
Coach Curriculum

Prices starting at under $10 a student. Call 1-800-338-6519.Yes, I would like a Waggle demo.

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