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Success Stories

Jennifer Hersh

Meaningful Practice with Coach for Math and English Language Arts

“We purchased Coach resources for Reading and Math school wide and teachers continue to be thrilled with these quality resources. Students are receiving rigorous and meaningful practice aligned to our state assessments and our teachers are enjoying the manuals with a variety of strategies, interventions and choices using these instructional resources” - Jennifer Hersh, Curriculum Director at Seven Generations School, PA

When Jennifer became the Curriculum Director at her school, she quickly learned that there was a tremendous need for supportive curriculum materials in literacy and math, as well as instructional professional development. After doing some research and looking into different resources, she quickly learned that Triumph Learning’s materials were perfectly in line with what her school needed, balanced literacy, in addition to meaningful practice for their students.

After reviewing Triumph’s resources, teachers also found these to be ideal for students to understand and practice key core standards concepts in both math and reading. They found this especially beneficial to prepare their third and eighth grade students for the statewide assessments. Jennifer stated that she would recommend Coach to other schools, and they plan to continue using Triumph instructional resources in the future.

Ashley Brooks

Coach for Intervention

“Coach is really good about specifically pinpointing what students are missing. A child could be struggling with expressions, but Coach breaks it apart into so many different steps that you can really pinpoint what the struggle is.” – Ashley Brooks, Grade 6 Math Teacher at Lee County Middle School, KY

After feeling the need to provide students with additional practice containing higher-level math questions of the types required by her state standards, Ashley was happy to finally see double-digit improvements in student achievement with Coach as part of her school’s math curriculum mix.

“When our assessments reveal non-understanding, we use Coach and it helps increase understanding,” stated Ashley. She has been using Coach for RtI with students that tend to struggle with the topic and has been able to see immediate improvements in each of her students.