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Case Studies

White Papers

Curriculum That Supports 3-D Teaching and Learning
3-D Science for the 21st Century White Paper and Research Report
Instructional Supports in Mathematics for a Variety of Learners
Performance Coach, Mathematics White Paper and Research Report
Using a Standards-Based Program to Prepare Students for Next-Generation High-Stakes Assessments
Common Core Performance Coach, English Language Arts White Paper and Research Report
Instructional Strategies that Build Mathematical Proficiency
by Paul Gray, Ph.D.
Common Core Coach: Math White Paper and Research Report
Providing Assessment-Driven Differentiated Instruction on Reading and Writing
by Maureen McSparran Ruby, Ph.D.
Common Core Coach: ELA White Paper and Research Report
Instructional Supports in Mathematics for an Age of Rigorous Standards
By Paul Gray, Ed.D.
Common Core Support Coach: Math White Paper and Research Report
Providing Instruction and Practice Opportunities for Close Reading of Complex Text
by Maureen McSparran Ruby, Ph.D.
Common Core Support Coach: ELA White Paper and Research Report

Awards and Grants

Readiness for Common Core earns 2014 Software & Information Industry Association CODIE Award Finalist Honors.

Triumph Learning's Readiness for Common Core wins Cool Tool award from EdTech Digest for best content provider solution.

Triumph Learning's Common Core Support Coach ELA and Math wins Teachers Choice Award for the Classroom from Learning Magazine.

Triumph Learning's Common Core Coach ELA wins Teachers Choice Award for the Classroom from Learning Magazine.

Success Stories

Jennifer Hersh

Meaningful Practice with Coach for Math and English Language Arts

“We purchased Coach resources for Reading and Math school wide and teachers continue to be thrilled with these quality resources. Students are receiving rigorous and meaningful practice aligned to our state assessments and our teachers are enjoying the manuals with a variety of strategies, interventions and choices using these instructional resources” - Jennifer Hersh, Curriculum Director at Seven Generations School, PA

When Jennifer became the Curriculum Director at her school, she quickly learned that there was a tremendous need for supportive curriculum materials in literacy and math, as well as instructional professional development. After doing some research and looking into different resources, she quickly learned that Triumph Learning’s materials were perfectly in line with what her school needed, balanced literacy, in addition to meaningful practice for their students.

After reviewing Triumph’s resources, teachers also found these to be ideal for students to understand and practice key core standards concepts in both math and reading. They found this especially beneficial to prepare their third and eighth grade students for the statewide assessments. Jennifer stated that she would recommend Coach to other schools, and they plan to continue using Triumph instructional resources in the future.

Ashley Brooks

Coach for Intervention

“Coach is really good about specifically pinpointing what students are missing. A child could be struggling with expressions, but Coach breaks it apart into so many different steps that you can really pinpoint what the struggle is.” – Ashley Brooks, Grade 6 Math Teacher at Lee County Middle School, KY

After feeling the need to provide students with additional practice containing higher-level math questions of the types required by her state standards, Ashley was happy to finally see double-digit improvements in student achievement with Coach as part of her school’s math curriculum mix.

“When our assessments reveal non-understanding, we use Coach and it helps increase understanding,” stated Ashley. She has been using Coach for RtI with students that tend to struggle with the topic and has been able to see immediate improvements in each of her students.


Common Core Coach

“Each Coach lesson is tied to all of the ELA standards, not just reading, but it also had speaking, listening, and writing... So I was able to include different types of language arts in my reading block and cover more standards that way. It was easier to touch all the standards...”
- 3rd grade ELA teacher

“I like how Common Core Coach begins with understanding the concept and then moves to connect where students are able to apply what they’ve learned. It walks you through one problem step by step and then shows different ways to solve that problem. It gives students a visual. It breaks it down on a kid friendly level and provides multiple examples.
-3rd Grade Math Teacher

“Common Core Coach has helped me be confident that my students will perform well on test day, more than our current curriculum. The curriculum we purchased for this year didn’t prepare them as well because it didn’t have as much explicit instruction. The Coach book helped me check in to see where my students were in terms of proficiency.
-6th grade ELA teacher

“I use my Triumph materials probably more than anything else in the classroom. This is our first year teaching Common Core and it’s so confusing, no one knows what to use yet. So, I use my Coach books because I know they work and my kid’s scores are great. The kids really love them.
-3rd Grade ELA teacher

“It’s a guidebook for what we are going to be doing in the Common Core. If you have any hesitation about Common Core, if you want something that’s going to give you the big picture, without putting in thousands of hours of work on your own, this is a wonderful product.”
-6th grade reading intervention teacher

“Our district tried to find a solution that ensured we hit on all the pieces of literature recommended by the Common Core. That is why we purchased Common Core Coach. It is not logistically possible to teach all the required novels recommend by the Common Core State Standards. Common Core Coach gives students a little introduction so maybe when they take the test they can relate it back. They may not be reading the exact same piece but at least they’ll have an idea of who the characters are, the premise, the setting etc.”
-8th grade reading teacher

Support Coach

“Lopez’s students use Common Core Support Coach two to three times a week. She loves that she can use it to teach entire units or assign a lesson for a student to do during computer time or at home if they have Internet access (for Triumph Learning's Readiness program). She also loves that the software lets her run reports and see where each student is at any given time. 'It’s a fantastic resource,' she says.”
-Loridana Lopez, 4th grade language arts and social studies teacher at Buena Vista Arts - Integrated Magnet in Montclair (CA) Tech & Learning, February 2015

“I have data that proves my students are learning through the use of this product (Support Coach). The pre-test I administer at the beginning of the year measures literacy proficiency by skill and provides an overall proficiency rate. What’s alarming is that in the beginning of the year, according to our state standards, my students were only at a 28% proficiency rate. Two months later, I tested them again and they were at 59% proficiency. That’s an exceptional difference. I follow Support Coach, verbatim, exactly how it is written. We do every read and every single activity.”
-7th grade literacy teacher 

“This book to me is totally different than any book I’ve seen because the lessons build from grade level to grade level, they connect with one another. We are required to access student’s prior knowledge and this (Support Coach) does that for you. With the Plug-in, if students don’t get it, the standard they are building on from the previous grade level is right there and you can go back to it.”
-3rd grade teacher

“There weren’t many resources that would help break down a skill into simple parts. Now that I’m using Support Coach, it really does help. The teacher’s guide tells me what I need to do if students are still struggling. It’s self-explanatory.  It offers suggestions for how to address common errors and misconceptions and shows me how to teach the concept in a different way if need be.”
- 4th grade Teacher

“We have a third year teacher who uses Support Coach and it has really helped her students. The class was very low and they’re coming up to the point where they are outscoring the high achievers class in their grade level by using these materials.”
-3rd grade teacher

“The students love the illustrations and the cues in the box. The characters in the book give them tips about how they should be thinking when they’re working out a problem. It gives them hints and suggestions and builds their confidence. The basal textbook that we have doesn’t have that. It just gives them problems to do; it doesn’t break it out in steps like Support Coach. Even in the teacher’s edition, it doesn’t break it down. It doesn’t have differentiation like in Support Coach.”
-4th grade teacher

“Having looked at other books, I would say Support Coach comes the closest to what the kids need to know. The books leave a lot of room for discussion. You don’t feel rushed by the book. I feel comfortable using it. The kids are doing the majority of the work.”
-Afterschool teacher

Crosswalk Coach

“Crosswalk Coach is very user friendly. This is my first year teaching middle school and it helped me figure out what students were required to learn for the state exam.”
-Middle school ELA teacher


"We need to be constantly assessing our students and the reporting feature in Readiness helps me see which questions students are struggling most with. There is a lot of consistency between the data from the assessments and their daily assignments. It’s helpful to see what the weak areas are for certain students. It helps me determine which students are struggling and which need more help in particular areas.”
-Middle school ELA teacher

“Readiness for Common Core helps me personalize learning for students who are struggling with particular areas. I’m able to generate assignments for them based on the results I receive from their benchmark assessments and provide them with extra support for areas they are weak in.”
-Middle school ELA teacher