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Professional Development

Triumph Learning offers customized curriculum workshops and educational institutes on the Common Core State Standards for all content areas. Our skilled teacher/consultants provide professional development based on the needs of a school, district or state. We will meet with curriculum leaders and collaborate to design the services needed to ensure instructional excellence.

In addition to customized professional development sessions, workshops are available on the following topics:

"Making the Shift"

Transitioning to Common Core is a paradigm shift for teachers and a critical step in learning for students. Professional development will ease this transition by motivating and informing instructors on how to increase their depth of instruction and implement the questioning techniques required within the standards. Join the experts on the Common Core State Standards to increase knowledge and build instructional confidence in making the paradigm shift necessary for successful instruction.

Item #: PRODEV1

Target Writing for the CCSS

To build a foundation for college and career readiness, students must learn to use writing as a means of offering and supporting opinions, demonstrating understanding of the subjects they are studying, and conveying real and imagined experiences and events. The research behind writing instruction will be a focus of this in-service, as well as setting teaching expectations and goals for writing instruction. Teachers will gain knowledge about the core standards for writing, targeted writing skills for their teaching level, and the embedded language and vocabulary instruction expected during writing instruction. Each workshop will focus on the development of a classroom Writer's Workshop, the writing process, and how to develop competent writers. Each teacher will build the skills and techniques necessary for students to write opinions/arguments, narratives, and explanatory/informative pieces. Instructors will gain the understanding that they must devote significant time and effort to writing instruction, and to having their students produce numerous pieces over short and extended time frames throughout the year. Four separate sessions we offered: Kindergarten–Grade 1 Target Writing;
Grades 2–3 Target Writing;
Grades 4–5 Target Writing;
Grades 6–12 Target Writing.

Item #: PRODEV3

English Language Learners and the Common Core

The Common Core State Standards provide a strong structural framework for instruction across the curriculum for English Language Learners. Participants will explore strategies for:

  • Making content comprehensible to students at all stages of English language proficiency
  • Increasing student interaction and output
  • Developing academic vocabulary and language

You will learn to use a unique model for planning, teaching, and assessing standards-based themes and topics. This research and best practice-based approach leads to high academic achievement for students and empowerment of teachers of English Language learners regardless of prior training.

Item #: PRODEV5

Empower Students with Power Strategies: Approaches for Content-Literacy Achievement

The new Common Core State Standards emphasize a focus on literacy across content areas. Dr. Janet Allen, leading adolescent literacy specialist, has distilled the research and identified eight "power strategies" for achievement in nonfiction literacy to include:

  • Content and Specialized Vocabulary
  • Text Features
  • Text Structures
  • Monitoring Comprehension
  • Building/Activating Background Knowledge
  • Previewing Text
  • Questioning
  • Noting, Organizing, and Retrieving Information

Empowered with these strategies, content-area teachers can give students access to the rigor of complex texts associated with their discipline. Students can team to transfer and apply these strategies across their content area reading, writing, language, speaking, and listening.

Participants will receive Janet's flipchart, Tools for Content Area Literacy, an easy-to-use reference for supporting strategic instruction and learning. Each strategic approach outlines how to implement, the purpose for implementation, the research supporting the strategic approach and an appendix with graphic organizers to support student success

Item #: PRODEV7

Increasing Rigor in Reading — Understanding Text Complexity for Any Classroom!

It is imperative, per the Common Core State Standards, that we emphasize our reading instruction to build deep understanding with varied texts. We must raise our reading expectations for students and choose the appropriate texts to meet the necessary rigor. In this workshop you will learn about the quantitative and qualitative factors of text complexity and ways to match readers with texts and tasks. Choosing the right text and tasks are one thing, but we will also learn to be effective close readers and develop extensive discussion with our students as they read. Participants will develop lessons to ensure that students are prepared for a wide range of reading and writing. Finally, participants will be able to recognize varied texts to use for text complexity within current libraries and develop text-based questions to raise the level of critical reading.

Item #: PRODEV9

Curriculum Support with Readiness for Common Core

As teachers and students transition to the goals and intentions of the Common Core State Standards, this professional development session provides a vision and practice for instructional excellence. The Readiness for Common Core digital program includes book resources aligned to the Core Standards, and has the ability to analyze instructional data and highlight strategies that promote problem solving and critical thinking. The Readiness for Common Core digital resource provides intense instruction for whole group, small group, and individual students in Grades 3–8. This interactive workshop will take the school or district's current curriculum and support it with multiple ways of planning and using Readiness for these various approaches to instruction—sharing the most important aspects of the Common Core State Standards. Teachers will work with peers to plan, and the facilitator will demonstrate utilization of Readiness resources, to build upon current curriculum in order to enhance the achievement of all students in the class. Additional strategies and ideas to differentiate instruction in the 21st-century classroom will be demonstrated.

Item #: PRODEV11

Differentiation — An Individualized Student Learning Plan

The Common Core Standards are the student expectations for each grade level. Instructors have the task of developing all populations of learners to meet these expectations. This researched -based professional session makes teaching to every student a less daunting experience. We teach your instructors to move all students to their full potential through the content, process, and products developed in an instructional plan for learning.

Item #: PRODEV2

Common Core Math

This session will provide information about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Standards for Mathematical Practices and the future of Common Core State Standard assessments. Attendees will discuss why, as educators, the CCSS are a wonderful, welcome change to our curriculum and instructional methodologies. Teachers unpack a cluster of standards within a domain and compare the current state standards with the rigor of CCSS. Teachers will incorporate and develop performance tasks, content vocabulary activities, and critical thinking through questioning techniques. All experiences during the session are connected to the CCSS and the Standards for Mathematical Practices. Additionally, Interactive Math Journals will be developed and outlined as a tool to encourage critical reflection by our 21st century students.

Item #: PRODEV4

Literacy Across the Content Areas — Anchor Standard Implementation

The Common Core State Standards require that students become college- and career-ready in the 21st Century. The ELA Anchor Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening and Language are to be implemented across all content areas during the learning experience. This workshop gives instructors of Science, History/Social Studies, Math, and the Arts the tools to attentively support the College and Career Ready (CCR) Anchor Standards during daily instruction. Knowledge about the standards, strategies for instruction, and cross-curricula activities are presented. Participants work to develop key plans on their units of instruction to incorporate the CCR Anchor Standards.

Item #: PRODEV6

Teaching Students the World through the Word: Effective Strategies for Vocabulary Acquisition

We've learned a lot in recent years about the important role vocabulary plays in making meaning, yet many teachers still struggle with vocabulary instruction that goes beyond weekly word lists. Effective vocabulary instruction is particularly vital in the content areas, where the specialized language used by "insiders" often creates a barrier to understanding for those new to the subject.

Participants will receive a copy of Inside Words by Dr. Janet Allen. She merges recent research and key content-area teaching strategies to show teachers how to help students understand the academic vocabulary found in textbooks, tests, articles, and other informational texts.

Build academic success for all students through these key strategic approaches to content-area vocabulary acquisition.

Item #: PRODEV8

"Close Reading": Literacy in All Content Areas

The skill of "close reading" is fundamental for interpreting all genres of text. "Reading closely" means developing a deep understanding and a precise interpretation of a passage that is based first and foremost on the words themselves. But a close reading does not stop there; rather, it embraces larger themes and ideas evoked by the passage itself. It is essential that today's instructors learn how to develop these ideas and encourage students to read closer to dissect and comprehend the text. This session will look at strategies for acquiring vocabulary, questioning techniques, and the Socratic method of discussion to improve critical reading skills. Teachers will leave this workshop with the knowledge of "close reading" and ways to implement it as classroom readers raise their text complexity level and interact more effectively with text and articles.

Item #: PRODEV10

Super Vision for the Common Core: Be a Superhero for Your Teachers

Many states and districts are on their way to implementing the CCSS; others have not yet begun. Regardless of where your district is on the implementation timeline, the process is a complex one for school leaders who are responsible for preparing teachers, students, and parents for the shift. This session will help administrators in the early stages of CCSS implementation, in identifying what steps are necessary at the school level for successful implementation in the classroom. Administrators will leave with an action plan for their specific site.

Item #: PRODEV12

To learn more about these sessions, contact your Educational Sales Consultant at 800-338-6519 or fill out the form.