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Triump Learning White Paper Emphasizes Benefits of Digital Tool for Formative Assessment

New resource demonstrates how Waggle utilizes research-supported principles to deliver continuous, differentiated learning


"Waggle effectively leverages the facets of digital learning to give students and teachers the tools they need to work toward continuous success."

To support every student’s continued success, Triumph Learning releases a white paper detailing a research-based evaluation of its online formative assessment tool, Waggle. Authored by Marcella L. Bullmaster-Day, Ed.D, “Strategies for Dynamic Formative Assessment with Digital Tools” demonstrates the effectiveness of dynamic formative assessment in the digital form, which research suggests is well suited for monitoring and adapting to student progress.

The white paper explores the advantages that digital tools, like Waggle, offer for formative assessment. By synthesizing scholarly research on formative assessment and comparing to other instructional methods, Dr. Bullmaster-Day concludes that tools, such as Waggle, support progress-oriented instruction through immediate and ongoing feedback. Formative assessment in the digital space offers:

  • Digital analysis that continuously adapts to and recognizes students’ learning patterns.
  • Real-time dashboards tracking the individual skills and goals students are working on, an essential component of formative assessment.
  • A variety of item types to stretch learning at the most effective moments during a student’s progress, a key Waggle feature.
  • Real-time feedback, such as the hints and customized feedback Waggle provides to direct students toward figuring out the correct response and work through problems.

“A digital tool for formative assessment not only offers valuable insights to teachers about how students are doing, but also provides practice and learning opportunities for students,” said Aoife Dempsey, CTO at Triumph Learning. “Waggle effectively leverages the facets of digital learning to give students and teachers the tools they need to work toward continuous success.”

To learn more about dynamic formative assessment with digital tools, download the white paper. To learn more about Waggle, visit

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