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Triumph Learning Prepares Educators to Meet the Needs of 21st-Century Learners

Performance Coach: Mathematics provides teachers with differentiated instruction strategies to help a diverse student population better understand math.


"Because each student learns at a different pace and has unique needs, Performance Coach provides teachers with many effective ways to differentiate their instruction."

As classrooms become more diverse, educators must find innovative ways to tailor their teaching to meet students’ individual learning needs. A new evaluation of Performance Coach: Mathematics from Triumph Learning, producer of critically acclaimed K-12 texts and interactive digital tools, demonstrates the effectiveness of the series to help a variety of learners engage with the content and retain key mathematical concepts.

Dr. Paul Gray, curriculum developer and member of the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, provides a thorough review of Performance Coach: Mathematics in a new white paper “Instructional Supports in Mathematics for a Variety of Learners.” His findings show that Performance Coach:

  • Is built upon the gradual release of responsibility (GRR) model
  • Advises teachers how to differentiate instruction for students who need additional support, and for those who need lesson extension
  • Utilizes linguistic supports in each lesson at every grade level
  • Makes extensive use of algebra readiness support structures at all grade levels
  • Employs strategies to help teachers integrate the Standards for Mathematical Practice into instruction
  • Integrates rich mathematical content with the effective use of the Standards of Mathematical Practice to support student success in mastering curriculum

“Because each student learns at a different pace and has unique needs, Performance Coach provides teachers with many effective ways to differentiate their instruction,” said Mike Morley, publisher at Triumph Learning. “Performance Coach also meets students where they are and helps them understand how to solve meaningful and rigorous mathematical problems.”

The evaluation concludes that to reach the increasing number of students with different learning needs, including English language learners, it is necessary for educators to adapt and find ways to provide high-quality curricula that benefits each individual student and meets them where they are.

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