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SOL End-of-Course Coach, Biology

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SOL End-of-Course Coach, Biology

Score high on the End-of-Course Biology Exam with the Virginia SOL End-of-Course Biology Coach! This premier student text is fully aligned to the Virginia Biology Standards of Learning, and for your convenience, each lesson clearly states the correlation to the standard being taught.

Developed in consultation with Virginia educators, lessons cover key problem-solving skills and reinforce scientific concepts. Proven effective, Coach will prepare your students for the EOC with clear instruction, independent practice, discussion questions, focused review—and essential test practice. Lots of multiple-choice practice questions ensure that your students are receiving the best test preparation. Also, with our authentic Pretest and Posttest, kids will gain familiarity with the exam and build crucial confidence in test taking!

Coach delivers 100% coverage of the four essential SOL Biology Reporting Categories, with chapters on scientific investigation, life at the molecular and cellular level, life at the systems and organisms level, and interaction of life forms.

FREE Teacher’s Guide, including answer key, with orders of 20 or more copies. TGs may also be purchased for $5.99; please call Customer Service.
  • Includes 2 full-length, fully aligned Practice Tests, modeled after the SOL Biology Exam
  • Graphic organizers and high interest diagrams, graphs, and pictures included to increase student understanding
  • Highlighted key words and a glossary build critical science vocabulary and comprehension
  • Table of Contents correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning
  • Test-taking hints and strategies throughout
  • Teacher's Guide includes a Competency Analysis Chart and Correlations Chart

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WAB-43VA High School $16.99 $14.99 $10.99