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BreakAway to Science Success

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BreakAway to Science Success

Help Students Stop Struggling and Start Understanding.

Guide striving students up to grade-level success! BreakAway helps you build on the science basics, adding more content knowledge in each step-by-step lesson so that students can then go beyond the basics and gain on-level proficiency.

Our scaffolded lessons and engaging inquiry activities target 10 science concepts and integrate reading and science skills that are essential for student comprehension.

Free Teacher's Guide with every 20 student sets ordered.

  • Strengthen skills with lots of support
  • Cover inquiry, energy, matter, forces and motion, Earth cycles, understanding living things, adaptations, and more
  • Assess students' skills with a diagnostic test
  • Enhance instruction with graphic organizers and diagrams
  • Provide review and practice at the end of each topic
  • Diagnose areas where students need instruction with a Science Scorecard

Qty Item # Grade Level Price 10+ Download Sample
WAB-US02088W1 3 $5.99
WAB-US02090W1 4 $5.99
WAB-US02092W1 5 $5.99
WAB-US02094W1 6 $5.99
WAB-US02096W1 7 $5.99
WAB-US02098W1 8 $5.99