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The largest collection anywhere of single- and simultaneous-access digital audiobooks—best-sellers, classics, nonfiction, and much more—for Kindergarten through High School. Research-based, user-friendly, and portable!

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Enhance reading outcomes with top-quality support for your literacy curriculum!

  • Over a thousand titles: best-sellers, award-winners, classics, and nonfiction
  • User-friendly site for viewing new releases and saving and filtering searches
  • Easy to find titles by series, author, narrator, or publisher. Allows for multiple users at one time – students never wait for access to popular titles
  • Access anywhere, anytime – listen using your computer's media player or on popular portable devices such as iPad, iPhones, Androids, and more
  • Annual subscription, with new titles added quarterly
  • Live technical support readily available to all customers
Subscriptions available for collections at K-Grade 8, Grades 5-8, Grades 9-12, and K-Grade 12.
Improve Reading Achievement with Audio Support.

Struggling readers using audiobooks better understand what they are reading and have more positive attitudes toward reading.

Rely on OneClickdigital downloadable audiobooks to develop the core elements of reading mastery!


Research shows that effective fluency instruction begins with modeled reading—and the instructional use of recordings of fluent readings is the most efficient way to meet this requirement. OneClickdigital allows all students to have access to model readings as part of their independent reading practice.


Effective teachers offer audiobook support to scaffold the emerging abilities of their struggling students, allowing them to participate fully in all the activities of the classroom that support comprehension growth.


Listening to orally presented passages, or modeled readings, is a proven way for middle and high school students to acquire new vocabulary. Opportunities to hear new words through audiobooks as they follow along in the print text allows students to take advantage of the word hoard they have acquired through listening, and bridges the transition from oral to written language.

Reading Readiness

Creation of opportunities for students to listen as they read along in the print text fosters an activity highly correlated with the development of strong reading readiness skills. These skills then pave the way for higher levels of reading achievement.

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