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New Jersey Common Core Coach, Geometry

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New Jersey Common Core Coach, Geometry

Focused New Jersey Common Core instruction- putting Geometry students on a path to success.
Implementation of the New Jersey Common Core State Standards for mathematics at the high school level follows the Traditional pathway with New Jersey Common Core Coach, Geometry. New Jersey Common Core Coach has you covered with these all-new student texts. Rely on them for essential content coverage, and to build a strong foundation for high school mathematics and post-secondary success.
Program Elements:

  • The program includes six units of instruction, each followed by a unit review and performance task.
  • Features a Teacher’s Manual that provides educators with support for lesson instruction, including common-error analysis.
  • Uncovers the connections between standards across high school CCSS courses by providing unit and standard progressions for students and teachers.

    Available end of August 2014

    Teacher's Manualmay be purchased for $29.99 with minimum New Jersey Common Core Coach, Geometry Student Edition order of 10 copies per grade. Please call Customer Service: 800-338-6519.
  • Qty Item # Grade Level Download Sample Price
    WAB-T169NJ High School $17.49 $14.99