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Strategies for Success: Math Problem Solving

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Strategies for Success: Math Problem Solving

Got a word problem? Strategize it!

The No. 1 issue math students struggle with is solving word problems. Math Problem Solving provides a solution. Each lesson teaches a key problem-solving strategy by breaking it down into manageable steps and then providing guided and independent practice to reinforce the learning. Plus—it aligns with your core math program and meets the problem-solving requirements!

Problem-solving strategies include:

  • Act it out
  • Draw a picture/diagram
  • Guess, check, and revise
  • Look for a pattern
  • Make a graph
  • Make a table
  • Make an organized list
  • Solve a simpler problem
  • Use logical reasoning
  • Work backward
  • Write an equation

Strategies for Success: Math Problem Solving Teacher's Manual may be purchased for $49.99. Please call Customer Service: 800-338-6519.

Students master problem-solving strategies with:

  • A research-based instructional model
  • Scaffolded support throughout
  • Grade-appropriate math content
  • Predictable lesson structure
  • Includes modeled instruction
  • Guided and independent practice
  • Engaging, real-world thematic topics
  • Math vocabulary in every lesson
  • Graphic organizers

Math Problem Solving
Use these digital resources to enhance your Math Problem Solving lessons and teach students essential strategies! Download Now

  • Family Letter, English

  • Family Letter, Spanish

  • Interactive Whiteboard Transparencies

  • Homework

  • Homework Answer Key

  • Math Tools


    Graphic Organizers

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