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Common Core Coach

Simple AND Comprehensive

Common Core Coach is the ideal all-inclusive program that adds depth, understanding, and practice for all of the Common Core standards and skills.

Busy teachers can easily guide students to mastery with structured lessons and a full range of supports. Concepts are introduced in multiple ways, and the program provides ample time for assessment, student collaboration, and independent practice of all concepts and skills.

Although recommended as an instructional base throughout the school year, Common Core Coach can also be used in tandem with other classroom materials and core text.

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Addresses Common Core and leads teachers and students to mastery:

  • Balance of literary and informational text to address major standards shifts
  • Leveled text for independent work to meet the needs of every student
  • Rigorous analysis of text level using the CCSS model of measuring complexity
  • Speaking and listening projects focused on collaboration and communication
  • Plenty of tools to save time including sample answers, model written responses, rubrics, and graphic organizers.

“Each Coach lesson tied in all the ELA standards, not just reading, but it also had speaking, listening, and writing... So I was able to include different types of language arts in my reading block and cover more standards that way. It was easier to touch all the standards...” - 3rd grade ELA teacher, Kentucky elementary school

Grade: 3 - 8

Common Core Coach Assessments Workbook, English Language Arts

  • Monitor progress and help direct extra support with benchmark assessments
  • Assess proficiency in required standards and skills with one summative assessment
  • Practice a mix of multiple choice, open-ended, and essay questions
  • Use data to identify gaps in learning and celebrate mastery