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Triumph Learning Isider

Summer is a great time to relax and recharge – you’ve earned it! But you can also take some of this valuable time to prepare yourself for next year’s challenges and opportunities. Here are some ideas for learning, refreshing and preparing for fall, all of which can be done comfortably poolside.


    • Reflect on the past school year. What can you learn from it? What worked really well, and what didn’t work so well? What new things did you try and what were the results? What did your students really respond to? Taking some time to honestly evaluate the year will help you shape the year to come.


    • Make plans for next year. After you have evaluated this past year, think about things you wanted to try but didn’t have time for. What have you heard from other teachers in your network that you think might work for your students? Make a list of new ideas, prioritize them, and think through how you can incorporate them into your teaching.



    • Find new sources for classroom activities, lessons and resources. Likewise, you can also use the web to find and collect new resources to use with students.
      • Pinterest – You may already be using Pinterest, but if not, you have to check it out! There are literally thousands of lesson plans, worksheets, classroom ideas and more. Pinterest has even created their own section of the site, just for teachers: Teachers on Pinterest


  • Get a deeper understanding of the skills and standards your students will need to master. Whether your state has adopted the Common Core Standards or has its own, it’s important to understand how your students will be assessed next year. Take some time to read and reread required standards so you can implement them into your teaching.
    • Read the standards at or on your state Department of Education website
    • Watch videos, download lessons and ask your questions at


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