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Triumph Learning Isider

We hope you've had a great school year so far. Summer School is almost here, and we'd like to help you ensure that your students prepare and are ready to start strong in the Fall.

Common Core Support Coach (Reading Comprehension and Mathematics) is a great choice for summer school with deep and focused support for students in grades 3–8 and the most complete Teacher’s Manual around. Click here to request a free sampler to check it out.

ELA: Target Reading Comprehension for 3–8

  • Extensive scaffolded instruction and multiple reads of short, complex texts, helps students to know what to look for and to develop close, critical reading of complex texts.
  • Tools like text-specific close reading worksheets and graphic organizers build students’ skills while direct reading instruction and practice allow them to immediately apply their learning with the rigor required by CCSS.
  • New topics such as mythology and multi-genres help keep students engaged and motivated, even when they are on their second or third reading of the passages.

Math: Target Foundational Mathematics for 3-8

  • All five CCSS Domains are represented with priority grade–level standards covered in a clear step by step sequence. Every lesson features scaffolded instruction and abundant and varied practice.
  • An engaging avatar provides a model for thinking and speaking about mathematical concepts and skills helping to foster this crucial ability for mathematical discourse.
  • Provides help for multiple kinds of struggling students—perfect for ELL, SPED and RTI.

Let us know if you'd like to chat about how to ensure your students keep their skills sharp and master the required skills and standards they'll need next year!