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Triumph Learning Isider

The New Year brings so many opportunities for changes and fresh starts—and we’re not just talking those typically short-lived resolutions. As schools across the country begin to adopt the Common Core State Standards, educators find themselves needing to embrace changes that will help make today’s students more college and career-ready.

There are many excellent resources out there to help teachers implement CCSS into their classes. Here are some of our favorites:




We are excited to introduce, where teachers and parents can share best practices and get 1-on-1 advice from experts on the Common Core. View and download lesson plans, videos, white papers and more. Check it out here.


This website, developed by teachers for teachers, has a wealth of information in their Common Core State Standards Information Center. Check it out here.

·      Math may seem “cut and dried,” but one educator has 3 ideas for bringing argument and critique into the class to create more depth for students (via the Teaching Channel)

·      Podcasts are a great way to encourage students to inspire close listening—a skill that’s emphasized with the CCSS. Here are some to download for your students (via randoplhhum)

·      We love this fun math game that will get students to explain their thinking in one simple step (via Beyond Traditional     Math)

·      And finally, here are some CCSS-aligned rubrics for project-based learning (via Free Tech 4 Teachers)


What free resources have you stumbled across recently that can help fellow educators bring the Common Core into their classrooms? Share your links in the comments!