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We’ve hopped aboard the Pinterest train! Although we love pinning inspirational quotes about education and graphics that are all about reading, one of our favorite parts about the where-did-the-last-hour-go platform is seeing how educators are using it to share lesson plans, crafts, and printables.

But there are plenty of other creative ways to use Pinterest as a teacher. Here are some ideas:

Start group project boards for your students: From historical figures to interesting places around the world, there are so many opportunities for students to participate in aggregated boards on your designated classroom account.

Create your aspirational classroom: We know Pinterest is often used to make boards for weddings and dream homes, but what about making a board for your dream classroom? Find ways to organize your supplies, or unique ways to set up your chairs for classroom presentations and discussions.

Show off your students' work: Pin pictures of the best projects from your students. Seeing their work broadcasted will give them a sense of pride and motivation, not to mention giving other teachers lesson ideas for their own students!

Discover science experiments: Pinterest is chock-full of hands-on projects you can use to teach science or math. If you teach these subjects and haven't yet explored this resource, get to it!

Build a community with teachers at your school: Create a board for your school, and invite other educators to pin along with you.

How do you use Pinterest in your classroom? Share your boards with us in the comments so we can follow along.

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