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Triumph Learning Isider

"Digital learning" is a buzz phrase that's recently garnered a lot of attention in the world of education—and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Using technology in schools allows for more flexible and personal learning, and helps prepare students to compete in our rapidly changing job market.

Though there are some school districts shelling out millions to get iPads for their students, there are many schools that don't even have a computer lab. And then there are many, many schools that fall in between.

Even if your classroom has little access to technology, there are tons of ways to get your students learning in the digital sphere. From encouraging your students to keep a blog to  projecting Twitter onto your classroom's whiteboard (get ideas on how to use Twitter in your classroom in the link below), there are countless opportunities to implement technology into your lesson plans.

We found a few interesting articles and resources this week about digital learning. Check them out: 

Here's how to actually use Wikipedia in the classroom (yes it is possible) via Edudemic

Despite the fact that it begins with a teacher finding "ur" in a student's paper, this article shows many teachers believe social media makes for better student writing, via ABC News 

Bookmark this long read and peruse it this weekend—it's a good one: "New Opportunities for Arts-Driven Learning in the Digital Age," via the Wallace Foundation (PDF)

Speaking of technology, here's a Google doc presentation full of 35 interesting ways to use Twitter in the classroom

We want to know: How do you plan to use digital learning in your classroom this upcoming school year?