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Triumph Learning Isider

Students may be celebrating the end of the school year and the start of summer, but many teachers know that these next few months can cause some students to fall behind—especially when it comes to literacy.

Research shows that children, especially from low-income families, can lose up to three months of reading progress during the summer. And this achievement gap has a cumulative effect—between grades 1 and 6, this loss could compound to 1.5 years’ worth of reading development lost in summer months.



To keep your students reading—and to help prevent this critical loss this summer—here are some ideas:

- Although reading at home is often stressed, we know that telling parents to read with their children may sometimes go unheard. Instead, provide parents with specific summer reading programs that are fun, easy, engaging, and most importantly, nearby. Check local libraries for literacy programs. Some are even already starting!

- Encourage your school to provide an incentive program for summer readers. Start next school year off with a party for the students who read the allotted number of minutes.

 - Make reading enticing with a list of books that students can’t put down this summer. This may get them reading more so than a list of  “required reading.” We have a list of books that are soon to become movie adaptations to help get you started.

What tips do you have to keep your students reading this summer? Share your suggestions in the comments!