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We appreciate you every single day! Our communities are bettered, lives are changed, and minds are opened—all by teachers—just like you.

Tuesday, May 7th  is National Teacher Day



Did you know?

  • The first National Teacher of the Year was awarded in 1952
  • The President of the United States presents the award in the White House Garden
  • The National Teacher takes a leave of absence from the classroom for a year to act as spokesman and advocate for teachers—salaries are still paid

Here are some real-life testimonials from students who truly appreciate teachers for doing what they do best. They are guaranteed to inspire while pulling at your heartstrings.

“Mrs. Regan was the most patient teacher I have ever had. She was understanding, loving, and most importantly, devoted to my learning. She never gave up on me no matter how difficult the days got. It was her perseverance and dedication that helped me speak and write a new language in 6 months. Her commitment to my growth and the rest of her students was invaluable.  I still thank her to this day for her endless passion and devotion to teach.” M.A.

“I remember my art teacher, Mrs. Garcia, so well. I was an extremely shy kid and would barely talk to anyone. However, I always looked forward to her class because I loved drawing. She saw this quiet kid that had a talent at drawing, and even though I couldn’t verbally express my feelings, I could express them with a piece of paper and pencil. She mentored me and showed me to have an appreciation for all forms of art, and slowly, I started to gain confidence in my strengths and capabilities, and opened up to people. I thank her, for helping me be the accepting, well-rounded man that I am today, and her passion, and caregiving is something that I make sure I practice in my everyday life." J.E.

“Mrs. Simpson definitely impacted my desire to learn. She taught our class using what were considered alternative approaches (at the time). She exercised her creativity to further engage precocious fifth graders. Whether she integrated cinema (The Diary of Anne Frank) into her curriculum, transitioned class sessions to the campus lawn, or planned team-building activities, Mrs. Simpson opened our mind’s eyes to imagine beyond our environment. I appreciated her desire to teach outside-the-box to expand possibilities!” V.S.W.