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Triumph Learning Isider

There are several big-time annual February events happening this weekend. Your students may be excited by one or the other, or both. This is the perfect time to incorporate hypothesis- and prediction-making into your curriculum. You’ll also discuss current events and encourage students to share their opinions. It’s a win-win exercise for a Friday afternoon.

Groundhog Day is tomorrow! Will the groundhog see his shadow?

Groundhog Day is based on folklore. Another teaching moment for you! A cloudy day means that spring will come early. A sunny day means the groundhog will see his shadow, burrow back underground, and winter will stay around for six more weeks.

A couple of discussion points:

  • Weather
  • History and Tradition

It’s almost Sunday! Who will win the Super Bowl?

With well over 100 million people tuning into this monster of a sporting affair, some of your students are bound to catch some of the game and some of the excitement around it. This year’s Super Bowl has something extra special about it. It’s the first time that two brothers—John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh—will face off as head coaches in the huge game!

A couple of discussion points:

  • Motivation and Sports
  • Sibling Rivalry

Also of importance on the February calendar:

Black History Month: all month long

Valentine’s Day: Thursday, February 14th

Presidents’ Day: Monday, February 18th