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Triumph Learning Isider

As a company whose mission it is to provide educators with materials that enable student achievement, we’re mindful of some of the pressures teachers in America face every single day: From preparing your students for state tests and transitioning to the Common Core State Standards, to meeting school expectations and district requirements—all while attempting to expand the minds, and enhance the lives, of the children who come into your classroom five days a week.

Our hearts broke upon learning of the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. While details about this disaster continue to emerge, the heroic stories of the teachers who put themselves at risk to help save the lives of children clearly illuminated something we as a nation should be mindful of every single day: Teachers are brave. And every single day, teachers are heroes.

Thank you for choosing to take one of the most important life challenges—educating our children—and making it your career. Thank you for using your talents and patience to foster the inquisitive minds of your classroom, and for skillfully navigating the tumultuous waters of meeting your schools’ requirements while caring so much—probably more so than you’re professionally required to—for your students.

At Triumph Learning, we are in awe of the work you do. As we create resources to help guide your instruction, or travel to schools across the country to host a workshop, we are intensely aware that we are just a small part of the complex, ever-changing network that is education.

It’s you, the educator, who works tirelessly to tackle the hurdles placed in front of you. It’s you who plants the seeds of intellect in our children’s rapidly developing minds. It’s you, who after the calamity in Newtown, has expressed the responsibility you feel for every single student in your classroom. We thank you for the sacrifices you make. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having the courage to be a teacher.